Our Approach to DUI defense

Because South Carolina DUI laws are both serious and complex, we focus our criminal practice primarily of DUI, DUAC, and felony DUI cases. In addition, we also use a “team approach” in evaluating evidence and, when necessary, to try your case in court. So what do we do if you hire us? First, we thoroughly review and evaluate ALL of the State’s evidence against you. While we look at their case, we look for any legal errors that might be used to suppress certain portions or, in some cases, dismiss your charges altogether. If there are no legal issues, we next evaluate how you appear on video. After all, everyone, including jurors, knows what “drunk” or “impaired” looks like and sounds like. And we encourage juries to trust what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears. Never trust a machine or what lawyers try to tell you. Rather, compare the video evidence against the purported BAC reading. In our experience, video is what makes or breaks cases. So no matter what the BAC “number,” people trust their own conclusions.

Each of our Columbia DUI lawyers are true trial attorneys. That means we are not afraid to “get into the ring” and fight for our clients in court when necessary. Of course, you will make all decisions on whether to accept a plea offer or go to trial after our counsel. However, just know that we prepare EVERY case for trial. After all, we know the best defense is always a strong offense. So when interviewing DUI lawyers, be sure to ask how often they actually try cases. Hence, if they are not willing to take cases all the way to trial, you should probably keep searching for a defense attorney. Before you decide, call any of our Columbia DUI lawyers and see if we are a good fit. Then, you will know that you made the best decision on which criminal defense firm to hire.


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